Monday, December 20, 2010

Tantric Dirty Parts

This post was suggested by my experience with Smashwords, where I've noted a lot of people are downloading free chapters of Dry Hustle but few are buying the whole book. That led me to wonder: did they just want a quick orgasm, expecting the sample to be one of the "dirty parts"? I'm aware that some erotica is nothing but a chain of dirty parts, a reliable choo-choo of one sex scene after another. However, while there's puh-lenty of sex talk in my book, you have to wait for the sex: just as the dry hustlers' male victims have to wait for sex that may not be delivered in the end.

Yes, Virginia, there is sex in Dry Hustle: when it comes, it really comes - in multiples, folks. But you have to wade in a hundred pages before you hit paydirt.

So, is erotica better when the reader has to wait for the smutty bits? Or is erotica considered best when the sex is fast, cheap and easily had? I mean, do people who buy erotica not want to read a real book? Do they just want to be serviced? Therefore, which sex is better, in literature as in life? The instant, mechanical kind or the tantric kind?

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